About us

Chinese Baptist Church of Coral Springs (CBCCS) is an evangelical Chinese church, located in the southern edge of the city of Coral Springs Florida, a lush suburban city of 120,000 people, 20 miles northwest of the hub of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  The church began in 1992 as a gospel mission of the Chinese Baptist Church of Miami, whose senior pastor Pastor Lau Kwong Wah had visioned to reach out to the  Chinese community in Broward County in the north.  In the 1990’s and 2000’s the church enjoyed solid growth under the leadership of Pastor Linus Lau, culminating in a new church building in 1999, which was again expanded to a 19,600 sq.ft. facility in 2008.

Our ministry is local and regional (with congregants coming from nearby counties as well).  As with most Chinese churches with a second generation, we have three major language groups: Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, and English, a joyful potpourri of professionals, small business owners, restaurant and blue collar workers. Among the Chinese speaking, half came from Hong Kong, a quarter came from Taiwan, and another quarter came from China. Most members will tout Worship as the focal point and strength of our Body life. Sunday worship attendance averages 350 (including children), with two worship services (English contemporary and Chinese traditional) at 9:00AM and 10:30AM. Subsequently, the Chinese services offer translations alternately in either Mandarin or Cantonese.  Our English ministry, under the leadership and care of Assistant Pastor Scott Ryan (who was called in 2010), has blossomed, attracting a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural community. This includes English speaking adults, young adults/college students and youths numbering around 60 every Sunday.

We also have a very strong children ministry. Children thrive and grow in God’s grace here. Our Sunday school boasts a class for special needs children. During holidays, children bring their friends to throng our hallways. Basically we are a multi-generational, family oriented church.  Outside the worship hours, our communal activities revolve around 11 fellowship groups, meeting Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons.

The church governance is of the Baptist Congregational tradition.  We are independent, self governing, affiliating with the Southern Baptist Conference only in fellowship and mission support.  Major decisions rest with the active church members at our biennial Business Meetings, under the auspice and guidance of the Board of Deacons and the Church Council (Department Leaders). The Senior pastor guides the Board in the daily administration of church affairs, providing spiritual leadership to the Board, as well as the ministerial staff, which includes the Assistant Pastor, the Worship Minister and Children Minister.

Approximately 1,400 Chinese live in Coral Springs, and a total of 11,000 Chinese in the entire Broward County.  CBCCS, currently the largest Chinese church in South Florida, is in a position to reach out to our kinsmen with God’s good news, while also embracing our American neighbors with our English ministries. Already in God’s time and by His strength, the church has championed the vision of establishing gospel missions – in Orlando, West Palm Beach, and even Shanghai, China.

Still, we are only 20 years young, a community visibly blessed and driven to share Christ’s love with the world. Won’t you join us in this adventure of Faith, Hope and Love?