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1 Corinthians 2/24 After Study Questions

Posted Date: November 30th, -1

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    Questions from 2/24 Bible Study
    1. What does Paul mean in verse 15 when he says “The spiritual person judges all things, but is himself to be judged by no one.
    Firstly let’s consider some uses of the word judge, other translations also have it appraised (NASB), evaluate (NLT, HCSB). In order to make a judgement on something it requires that one has an understanding of the situation at hand. A good judge would be one who is able to uphold the law and based on the requirement of the law deem things either right or wrong. He is able to do so because of his familiarity or understanding of the law. Therefore when he makes his judgement he is able to be fair in upholding the law.
    Likewise for those who have the Spirit (one who is able to understand the revelation of Jesus and his death) he/she is able to discern, judge, evaluate all things because of the Spirit. The things of the spirit are the very mind of Christ, and as Christ and the Father are one we see that the mind of Christ is very much the same as the mind of God.
    As we grow in our understanding of God by the Spirit we can better discern the world around us as it relates to God. The idea is that with the Spirit we can and are able to understand similar matters as if it were God telling us directly. So when we consider the age old question of purpose and the search for it, we can consider how God is the one whom we derive purpose from.
    Now as for the second half it would be fair to say that an unbeliever who is without the spirit is unable to judge, discern, and judge all things because he/she does not have the mind of God. Their thinking is limited by the very fact they do not have the spirit.
    From Baker’s New Testament Commentary the author says the following:
    “Yet he is judged by no one.” This is a bold statement from Paul. However, he does not wish to say that Christians are never judged (compare 14:29) but rather that the believer cannot be judged by unbelievers; they are incapable of judging a believer spiritually. The believer is judged on the basis of God’s Word. The Scriptures and not manmade rules and regulations ultimately judge the spiritual man in regard to his eternal destiny. s

    2. What is the secret and hidden wisdom of God?
    We must tread carefully upon ideas of secret and hidden things of God. It sometimes reveals that we desire the unknown and that said, God is not trying to hide anything from us. He has told and given us everything we need to know in Christ. Everything pertaining the life and salvation are found in Christ.
    This is not the first time mystery, secret, hidden things of God is used by Paul. Romans 16:25, Ephesians 3, Col 1:26, 1 Tim 2:19, all makes a reference to some kind of mystery, secret, hidden things. Of them the center piece of the usage is namely God’s redemption through Jesus. The connection for us is to read 1 Cor 2:7-9 together, and it points to the idea that the secret and hidden wisdom is somehow connected with the crucified Lord of glory. That said then it is at least one step forward to make sure when we consider the specifics of the secret and hidden that it must start and end in Christ. Similarly in Ephesians 3, it talks about the mystery being Christ but in addition to that was the inclusion of the gentiles.

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